The Biggest New Switch Games in 2023 & Beyond

The Biggest New Switch Games in 2023 & Beyond

The Biggest New Switch Games in 2023 & Beyond

The Biggest New Switch Games in 2023 & Beyond

The Nintendo hybrid console is a great unit that can run intense games such as Resident Evil Village and Alien: Isolation. The excitement grows for this little console each year, with several notable titles in 2023 that will generate excitement among Switch owners. This list includes some Nintendo icons but not all the big names. All types of games can be played on the Switch, including dungeon crawlers and classic RPGs.

This list of Switch titles will be updated in 2023.

Engage will be a great choice if you enjoyed previous Fire Emblem games.

Engage retains many core mechanics from previous titles and will feel very familiar. The Emblem Rings are the most significant change. They summon back heroes, such as Marth and Celica, to help in the reemerging battle against the Fell Dragon.

The Fell Dragon, once defeated by the four kingdoms, is back. As a Divine Dragon, you must stop it from wreaking havoc on the peoples of Elyos. Players must take traits from Fire Emblem legends to stop the dragon from rising to power. These can be anything from their deadly weapons to their most helpful abilities. Engage, a massive adventure set in a classic series is one of the most anticipated Switch games of 2023.

You must have done something right to make it to the seventh installment of a franchise. Nippon Ichi Software is the one that has been driving the series since its inception. It’s easy for people to trust that they know what makes it work. We are excited to hear that heroes and villains can transform into giants, unlock new levels of gameplay and that weapons and weapons can be reincarnated into more robust versions of themselves.

Disgaea 7 goes beyond just making people bigger. It promises to bring back the same zaniness that the series has been known for a while, also telling an engaging story. You can also send your team to compete in a circuit where you can connect with AI-controlled armies of other players.

A Disgaea-inspired strategy RPG is the best choice if you want something bright and unique.


The Biggest New Switch Games in 2023 & Beyond
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