Bulk Image Downloader Crack Free Download

Bulk Image Downloader Crack Free Download


Bulk Image Downloader Crack Free Download



Bulk Images Downloader was specifically designed to allow you to download large photo galleries in one click.

This tool has a lot more to offer than just the ability to create online image galleries. It also supports video, so you don’t need to use any other software.

Bulk Image Downloader Chrome

Bulk Image Downloader, (BID), makes it simple to download full-size images from any thumbnailed gallery. It supports the most popular image hosting sites such as imagevenue and imagefap. This extension adds a button in Chrome that allows you to quickly open the current webpage with BID.

What’s Bulk Image Downloader?

Bulk Image Downloader (BID), is an easy-to-use but powerful tool for image downloads.

It can download all images from a website, but it can also find and download full-size images from any thumbnailed gallery. A thumbnailed gallery is a page that contains thumbnailed images (small-sized). Each link will take you to the full-sized image or to secondary pages with full-sized images.

How do you download bulk images from your website?

Open your browser, then navigate to the page that contains the web gallery you want to download. The examples below are taken from flickr.com. However, the techniques and information can be used on any other website.
Right-click on the page to select “Open current webpage with BID”.
BID will automatically scan your web page looking for thumbnailed images links. It will display a list with images after a few seconds.

Bulk Images Downloader Crack Features:

Image Hosting Support:
BID is compatible with most popular image hosting sites such as Flickr, imagevenue and imagefap.

Social networking sites:
BID supports album downloads from myspace, facebook, and other twitter-related hosts such as tweetphoto.com or twitpic.com.

Full-Sized Images:
BID uses an advanced scoring algorithm to find full-sized images. BID is able to automatically work on all galleries without the need for user configuration.

Batch downloading:
The integrated Queue Manager allows you to automatically download large lists of URLs from gallery galleries.

Web Browser Integration
BID works with Chrome, Opera, FireFox, and IE. Simply right-click in your browser window to select “Open current webpage with BID”.

Web Forum Support:
BID scans multi-page forum threads quickly to extract all image links

Multi-Page Gallery Downloads
BID is able to detect and download most multi-page web galleries right out of the box.

Password protected websites
Bulk image downloader key will prompt you to enter your username and password if required by the site.

Video downloading:
BID supports VIDEO downloads from YouTube, Google Video and DailyMotion.

Images embedded:
BID can not only locate and download full-sized images, but it can also embed images on pages.

Sequenced image filenames, fusker
BID supports ‘ranged URLs’ for sequential image downloading. Image

Every image is checked by BID to ensure it has been downloaded correctly. Images that are invalid are automatically retested.

Download Resumes
BID will resume downloading from the point where the connection was lost.

Multi-Threaded Downloading:
BID can download as many as 50 images at once. These galleries can be downloaded quickly

Redirection Resolution:
Some sites use image redirection “services” like image cash, urlcash, etc. Display ads before redirecting to image host. These types of links are automatically resolved by BID.

File name unmangling:
BID will search for the correct file name in image hosts that have scrambled filenames (wherever possible), like imagevenue and imagefap.

Generate File names
You can also create your own sequenced files names for image hosts, which will scramble the file name.

Export Gallery to HTML or BB code:
You can quickly generate gallery codes that you can paste into your web forums.



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Bulk Image Downloader Crack Free Download
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