Surface Pro: Microsoft launches free power cord replacement

Surface Pro: Microsoft launches free power cord replacement


Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 owners can now receive a free power cord from Microsoft. The background is a memory. Customers affected will be provided with a stable, better-quality cable.

Microsoft recalls power cords for Surface Pro devices

Multiple media reports make this clear. This is how it writes online magazineONMSFT Microsoft has an important security update for all Surface Pro owners. Microsoft has recalled the power cords used in these devices and will now send replacements free of charge. To receive a replacement, you must register with Microsoft. You can read more about the Remind website and learn how it works.

Microsoft’s guide:

The Microsoft power cords for the original Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 devices, as well as select Surface Pro 3 devices are being recalled and replaced. If your Surface Pro power cord has been affected, we’ll inform you about the devices affected and provide instructions on how to replace it.

Select a suitable device

Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 devices purchased before March 15, 2015 are eligible to receive a replacement power cord for free.

Only the power cord that can be detached from the wall socket is affected by the recall. Microsoft does not directly explain why the recall was necessary. The recall notice states, “However the power cord could be damaged if bent or coiled tightly. Power cords that have been damaged can overheat, posing a fire risk or electric shock risk. The company asks all Surface Pro owners to discontinue using the cables.

Redesigned connector ends

Microsoft demonstrated the differences between the new, improved cables and the older, fragile power cables. The strain relief at the plug ends of the newer cables has been improved. This reduces the chance of damaging the cables if they are wrapped too tightly. Surface Pro 3 customers who purchased their devices before March 15, 2015 are eligible to receive Surface Pro 3 devices. Surface Pro 3 devices older than March 15, 2015 have the new power cable.

Surface Pro: Microsoft launches free power cord replacement
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