Heating Up: extreme throttling in Apple’s M2 MacBook Pro
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Heating Up: extreme throttling in Apple’s M2 MacBook Pro


Temperatures can rise to new MacBook Pro with M2 chip if you push it to the limits. Extreme throttling of GPU and CPU performance is possible because the cooling system cannot handle this.

Extremely hot with insufficient ventilation

To slow down notebooks’ performance, it is not uncommon to install chips in heavy-duty notebooks. Vadim Yuryev, a YouTuber from Max Tech, has taken it up with the new MacBook Pro 13 equipped with an M2 chip. He chose to export 8K raw material. This is a labor-intensive job that can stretch any processor’s limits, depending on how it cools. Yuryev’s initial statement was: “We exported 8K Canon RAW material and measured temperatures up at 108degC. This is more than any MacBook Intel Mac has ever seen.” In other words, the MacBook Pro 13 equipped with the M2 chip heats up faster than any MacBook. The tester said that it got worse …”.

The M2 model only has one fan to cool its chip. It was completely overwhelmed during the test. The fan reached its maximum speed of 7200 rpm during the entire test, but it was unable lower the temperature. The MacBook Pro was forced to use “extreme throttle”

These numbers are staggering

The performance comparison shows a shocking picture. The M2’s clock speeds drop from 3200 to 1894MHz in a split second. The GPU falls from 1393MHz to an amazing 289MHz.

The cycle starts again when temperatures drop quickly to 84 degrees. Yuryev’s conclusion is clear: the MacBook Pro 13’s M2 is clearly being slowed by its flawed cooling system. This is the obvious solution: We need two fans in our cooling system instead of one.

Heating Up: extreme throttling in Apple’s M2 MacBook Pro
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