This Is How You Use FaceTime Calls On Android

This Is How You Use FaceTime Calls On Android


You and your friends all have an iPhone. Do you enjoy FaceTime with them on a regular basis because they have FaceTime? You don’t have to be without FaceTime on an Android phone. We will show you the options for FaceTime on Android. There are no fees!

Apple is a great way to network with your iPhones, iPads and Macs. FaceTime, Apple’s video telephony tool, was only available on Apple devices for a while. The Cupertino-based firm recently made the feature available on Android.

You cannot however call from Android to Android. An iPhone or iPad must always initiate the call. This prerequisite must be met before you can call Android to Android.

You can make FaceTime calls even without iOS

Your Apple-loving friend will first make a FaceTime phone call to generate a link. This link will be sent to you either via Messenger or email.

  • Opens the FaceTime app
  • Click here to “Create a Link”
  • Share your link
  • Waiting for the other person’s request to be invited
  • Approves the request
  • FaceTiming is fun!

FaceTime with Android

  • Click the link that was sent to your inbox.
  • In the new window that opens, enter a nickname
  • Click Next
  • The browser will ask you to grant permission to use your camera and microphone on the new page – this allows both
  • Check that the preview is clear before you tap “Join”.
  • Wait for your friend’s confirmation
  • Voila! Voila!

Join FaceTime for Windows

  • Start a browser of choice
  • Click the link that was sent to your inbox.
  • In the tab that opens, enter a nickname
  • Allows the browser to use the microphone/camera
  • Check the preview and then click Join.
  • Wait for your friend’s confirmation
  • Have fun

Problems? Here’s how to solve it

There could be several reasons why sound and image don’t match. Most of these problems can be solved in a few minutes.

  • You should close all background applications, particularly those that use the microphone or camera.
  • Make sure to test your internet connection. You can try moving to a different room if you have Wi-Fi.
  • All other tabs are closed. Chrome is resource-intensive and too many tabs can cause significant slowdowns.
  • Be sure to clear the cache and memory quickly before you open the browser. It is enough to close all apps. However, you may need to empty the cache or memory with an integrated booster app.
This Is How You Use FaceTime Calls On Android
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