Google Starts Rolling Out Android 12 To Pixel Smartphones
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Google Starts Rolling Out Android 12 To Pixel Smartphones


Google now distributes the Android 12 update after the unveiling of the new Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro generation. All Pixel smartphones will be able to upgrade to the new operating systems.

The new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices will come with Android 12. Those who have the older versions of Android 12 can now decide whether or not to upgrade. For the past few days, preparations have been underway for the big update. Google had already released the final stable version in October via the Android Open Source Project. Shortly after, Xiaomi made Android 12 available to the first devices. Now, it’s time for Google Pixel owners.

Android 12 is compatible to the Google Pixel 3 and older. Anybody who has one of these devices will be able to see if they are eligible for the over-the-air upgrade. It used to take several weeks for Google’s update offer to reach all users.

Material is only for pixels

The Android 12 update will be available for all devices, including those from Samsung and Realme. Some features are only available for Google Pixel smartphones, such as “Material You”, which Google has been consistently implementing across the OS in all widgets, control elements and its own apps.

Privacy settings improved

Google claims that Android 12 is the most significant and extensive update to the mobile operating systems in several years. Privacy and data protection settings are an important aspect of Android 12. Users can now see a complete list of all releases and uses of their location, microphone, or camera.

Google Starts Rolling Out Android 12 To Pixel Smartphones
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