Android TV 12 Now Available With New Features
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Android TV 12 Now Available With New Features


Android 12 is available for smartphones since a while and many manufacturers, including Google, have already released the updates. The operating system is not just for mobile phones. AndroidTV 12 is now available.

Android is primarily an operating platform that is designed for smartphones, or the first to be made available on them, but it can also do much more. That’s what Android TV is made of. Android 12 has been released as a TV-version. 9to5Google reported that the final version Android TV 12 was just announced on Google’s developer website.

This means that stable versions of Android TV as well as Google TV are now available, but they are only currently available for Google’s ADT-3 developer dongle. Android TV 12 is not yet available to the general public. This stable beta version is much later than the predecessor Android 11. It was finally released in September 2020. Android 12 came out much later than previous years.

Security, rendering in 4K and more

Android TV 12 offers some features many have been waiting for. These include long-awaited support for 4K rendering on the home screen and user interface. The new data protection indicators, buttons and support for HDMI CEC 2.0 are just a few of the many features.

Google states: “With Android 12’s official release, we also make the most recent version of the platform accessible for TVs. This is your chance to test and create apps that will run on the latest Android version. You can also download the build images for standard Android TV Experience.

Android TV 12 Now Available With New Features
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