200 million Nokia 105 phones sold
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200 million Nokia 105 phones sold


200 million Nokia 105 phones sold

Official statements state that the global sales of Nokia 105 series smartphones has exceeded 200 million units.

The combined sales of 200 million units includes the first generation, launched in 2013, and the second generation launched in 2015. The third generation was released in 2017, and the fourth generation was launched in 2019.

Nokia 105 4G supports 4G networks as well as mobile payments. The screen is a 1.8-inch QQVGA screen with 120 x 160 pixels, a 1020 mAh rechargeable battery, FM radio, a flashlight and slots for two SIM cards. There are also enlarged fonts and menus.

The phone comes with a Unisoc SoC. This is an island-style keyboard, a colour screen, and a polycarbonate case. It also features the classic Snake game, and a 3.5mm headset jack.


200 million Nokia 105 phones sold
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