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Jarvee Full Cracked – Social Management Tool Download

Jarvee Full Cracked – Social Management Tool Download

Jarvee Full Cracked – Social Management Tool Download

Jarvee social automation tool Cracked is available for download at GetPCSofts. This app allows you to schedule posts for Instagram and Twitter, Tumblr. Linkedin. Facebook. YouTube. Jarvee Crack Version – Grow Your Social Accounts 10 times faster Jarvee crack version does the amazing work of a whole social media team, which ensures that your online brand is successful. Automate all of your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. These accounts can automatically share or re-share content, follow and like others, create groups, and perform other actions. This tool is available only to Windows users, but MacOS and Linux users can use it on a virtual machine that emulates Windows.

Jarvee 2020 will help you grow your social media accounts with engaged followers. Like many social media automation tools Jarvee allows you to schedule posts including images and videos. It allows you to schedule retweets, shares and other original content to decrease the content you need to create. You can also manage likes and comments, followers, unfollows, groups, and all other Facebook features. It can help you grow your Instagram account with thousands of followers and hundreds of likes per post.

JARVEE Features

All your posts can be scheduled with JARVEE for all major social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Google+ Pinterest, Tumblr, Tumblr, Google+, Google+, Google+, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn.

Instagram Automation
These clever tools will help you increase your Instagram sales and growth by 10 times.

  • Auto-Repost, Auto-Like and Comment
  • Follow, FollowBack, Unfollow Real Targeted User
  • Hashtag and User Research
  • You can manage direct messages and many other things…

NinjaGram allows you to automate all your Instagram information, which saves you time, increases your followers, and makes it easier for you to make more money from this popular photo sharing site. Below is the link to download NinjaGram Pre-Cracked Version. Just install and start using

NinjaGram 2020 Pre Cracked Version | 12 Mirrors

Facebook Automation
Use growth hacking tools such as:

  • Contacting potential customers and finding them
  • Find, Join and Unjoin Niche Groups
  • You can post to your Facebook page and many other things.

Twitter Automation
JARVEE’s tools will make your Twitter accounts auto-piloted and accelerate their growth.

  • Auto Favorite & Re-tweet
  • Auto-Follow and Follow Back
  • Mentions on Twitter
  • Tweets from RSS and many more

Google+ Automation
You can dominate Google+ marketing by being active and engaging with all those in your niche.

  • Unfollow and Auto Follow
  • Auto-find, Join, and Unjoin Groups
  • All actions taken as Branded accounts and many more

Pinterest Automation
Your Pinterest account will grow 10x faster with higher engagement and ROI

  • Auto-Repin and Comment
  • AutoFollow, follow back and unfollow
  • You can watermark your pins, and many other things.

LinkedIn Automation
LinkedIn automation allows you to expand your professional network, and find new clients or partners.

  • Auto-View Profiles
  • Auto-find, Join, and Unjoin Niche Groups
  • Invite friends to groups and many other things

Tumblr Automation
With JARVEE’s help, your Tumblr account can flourish

  • Auto-Like and Reblogging
  • AutoFollow & Unfollow
  • You can also post on sub-blogs.

Youtube Automation
All you need to be successful on Youtube

  • AutoLike
  • Comment
  • Subscribe to Auto
  • Unsubscribe
  • You can watch video and more…

Other Tools

  • Use auto-hashtag keywords for your posts
  • RSS allows you to import content.
  • Advanced Scraping tools allow you to create new content.
  • Spin Syntax allows you to publish only unique posts.
  • Your Image Posts will always be unique.
  • Growth metrics, statistics, and many more…

Jarvee Minimum Requirement

  • Windows 7/ 8/8.1/ 10 all versions of 32-bit and 64-bit, all editions
  • 70 MB of Disk Space Free
  • Internet Connection





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