Tesla Continues Its Global Transition From Radar To Tesla Vision
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Tesla Continues Its Global Transition From Radar To Tesla Vision


Tesla Continues Its Global Transition From Radar To Tesla Vision

Tesla has switched to its Tesla Vision Autopilot system for the Model 3 in European and Middle Eastern markets. This is part of the company’s plan to transition to its vision-based Autopilot tech, which was first rolled out to two identical models in 2021. In February 2022, the Model S and Model X went from radar to Tesla Vision.

Elon Musk announced in May 2021 that Tesla would soon implement Pure Vision Autopilot’ into its vehicles sold in North American markets. The company’s ‘Tesla Vision’ system uses only cameras and neural net processing to navigate and replaces the forward-facing radar of the Autopilot hardware. It is powered by the latest generation of Tesla’s Autopilot technology and self-driving technology.

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Tesla announced that it is transitioning its Model 3 vehicles and Model Y vehicles into Tesla Vision in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The company stated in official support posting that the new technology would be available to customers by April 2022. However, there will be some limitations to the transition. Tesla states that Autosteer will have a speed limit of 80 mph, and a minimum distance to follow will be greater. Other than that, there won’t be any further changes. All Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features (FSD) will remain active from the beginning. Tesla claims that the remaining elements will be restored through OTA updates in the coming weeks.”

Tesla Vision Doesn’t Impact Crash Safety Compliance.


Tesla claims that Tesla Vision’s transition does not impact the vehicles’ compliance with European regulations regarding crash safety. The company claims that vehicles equipped with Tesla Vision maintain the exact legally required crash safety compliance as those equipped with radar. Consumer Reports has temporarily removed the Tesla Model 3 from its top pick list in 2021 following the Tesla Vision transition in America. A few safety features, such as forward collision warning and emergency braking, were temporarily withdrawn by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Elon Musk is a major proponent of the cameras only approach. He has repeatedly claimed that Tesla Vision is safer than its combined radar and vision-based navigation systems. New York Times report claims that Musk repeatedly stated that cameras-only technology would be closer to human drivers, as cameras function similarly to human eyes. Multiple autonomous driving experts have dismissed this analogy as a fallacy. Some Tesla employees advocate for an autopilot system that combines radar and cameras to improve navigation in difficult weather conditions.


Tesla Continues Its Global Transition From Radar To Tesla Vision
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