Huge Spotify Car Thing Update Adds Phone Calls & Other Media Controls
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Huge Spotify Car Thing Update Adds Phone Calls & Other Media Controls


Huge Spotify Car Thing Update Adds Phone Calls & Other Media Controls

YouTube Car Thing will get its first significant update. It now offers features such as phone call support and the ability to control media. Spotify was founded in 2008 and is known only as a software company. Spotify is now available on almost every device and is the largest streaming platform by a large margin.

This is what makes the Spotify Car Thing so unique. Spotify’s first hardware product, the Car Thing, was announced in April 2021. It was released in February. It’s a device you can use to control Spotify from your car, as its name suggests. Car Thing can control music playback, browse playlists, and use voice controls to find new music. Car Thing is the most convenient gadget to use Spotify on the go — but that’s not its core functionality. Justifying the $89 price tag for Car Thing is difficult unless you are a genuine Spotify user.

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However, this is changing. Spotify released its first significant update to Car Thing on April 7. Spotify announced the update in a press release. It stated that Car Thing makes it easier to play what you want thanks to its intuitive product interface and the ease with which you can use ‘Hey Spotify” to choose what music you like. There’s always more to a great thing, so Car Thing is releasing some updates this week. 

All New in This Spotify Car Thing Updating


Phone call support is the most crucial feature of the Spotify Car Thing update. As long as your smartphone has Car Thing enabled, all incoming calls will be displayed on the screen with buttons to accept and decline. Another significant advantage is controlling other media, other than Spotify, with Car Thing. Car Thing is still a Spotify-enabled device. However, using it for media controls is a big plus.

A queue feature is now available for Spotify Car Thing users. The Car Thing allows you to add songs/podcasts into a queue to listen to them again later. Tap the “Add to queue” button and hold the dial while pressing the dial on a track. Or you can use a voice command such as “Hey Spotify” or “Hey Spotify.” Spotify is adding personalized playlists for Car Thing. According to the press release, you can ask for the type of music that best describes your mood or activity. We’ll instantly create a playlist based on your request, such as “Hey Spotify, play Sunday RnB.” 

Spotify Car Thing’s update has one problem: it is slowing down. The queue feature and personal playlists will be available to all users this week. However, only iPhone users will receive phone call notifications and upgraded media control. These features will be available to Android users shortly, although Spotify has not yet released a date. However, they do say that they will be available “at a later time.”

Huge Spotify Car Thing Update Adds Phone Calls & Other Media Controls
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