Twitter Is Getting An Edit Button And This is How It (Probably) Works

Twitter Is Getting An Edit Button And This is How It (Probably) Works


Twitter Is Getting An Edit Button, And This is How It (Probably) Works

has finally added an edit button to its platform. While app code sleuths recently shared evidence of an “edit tweet” feature, the company has remained silent about any such developments. Bluebird even trolled users with a cruel joke about an editing function on April 1. Many had dismissed it as a pipedream, so they have valid concerns about why this feature would be a bad idea.

The hope was revived when Tesla chief Elon Musk was revealed to be the largest stakeholder on Twitter this week, earning him a spot on the company’s board. As though Musk was already aware of the flood of requests coming his way, the new stakeholder ran a poll asking Twitter users whether they would like an edit button on the social media platform. The overwhelming majority of respondents answered positively. Parag Agarwal, Twitter CEO, even promised that the results would have consequences. It seems that this was another troll.

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Twitter has been working on a tweet editing feature since last year. Twitter Comms handle confirmed the edit feature was in development since last year. Testing will begin within the paid user group who have purchased a Twitter Blue subscription. Twitter only gave a vague timeline for the feature’s rollout. However, an official animation shows that it is only a click away. To edit a tweet, the user must tap the three dots menu button at the top of a tweet and select the Edit Tweet option from the drop-down menu. There are still many details that remain hidden.

Significant Change, Bigger Concerns

Jay Sullivan, Head of Consumer Product at Twitter, discussed the issues that arise from the ability to modify one’s tweets after they are posted. ” Edit could be misused to alter public conversation without things like time limits and controls as well as transparency about what was edited,” Sullivan wrote. The company has not yet shared any technical details, such as the time limit for editing tweets, whether a tweet edited after it was posted will be highlighted and if there will ever be a way to see the original.

The company claims it will collect inputs and suggestions from experts to make the editing feature as effective as possible over the months before its rollout to Twitter Blue subscribers. Experts are concerned that if someone with influence shares terrible content such as hate speech and vaccine-related misinformation and then allows them to mend their ways after the original Tweet has been sent, accountability will be lost forever. This will create new problems for Twitter in terms of content policy enforcement. Twitter may be faced with a difficult situation if the original tweet is problematic, but the edited version of it is not.


Twitter Is Getting An Edit Button And This is How It (Probably) Works
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