This Perseverance Photo Of A Mars Hill Is So Perfect You'll Swear It's Fake

This Perseverance Photo Of A Mars Hill Is So Perfect You’ll Swear It’s Fake


This Perseverance Photo Of A Mars Hill Is So Perfect You’ll Swear It’s Fake.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover has discovered countless hills and rocks since landing on Mars more than a year ago. This latest photo shows how diverse and unique they can be. Perseverance arrived safely on Mars almost a year ago. The reality is that the rover has been exploring Martian space for nearly 14 months.

It’s been a busy 14-month! Perseverance arrived on Mars in February 2021. It has taken eight samples of rock, explored different areas of Mars, and generally contributed to our knowledge of Mars. This feat has been accomplished through thousands of photos. Perseverance posts new photos of its Martian journies every day. These photos can include sunsets on the planet and animal-like rock formations.

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Some photos are uninteresting or blurry, but others are fascinating. The picture is above. NASA purchased this photo in March 2022. It quickly gained much attention online and was promptly voted Perseverance’s latest’ Image of the Week’ for Week 59 of the mission. Like many other Mars photos, it was also captured with Perseverance’s Mastcam Z camera.

The Perfect Mars Hill That Looks Almost Fake

Photo credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU


Perseverance is not new to Mars hills. Many of its photos show hills of different shapes and sizes. Its perfect appearance is what makes this hill so fascinating. It appears to have a gentle slope and a small, rounded top. Incredibly, a mountain could be formed on Mars, especially considering it is a planet constantly battered by harsh winds and kicked up sand.

The rest of this image is equally stunning. The perfect-looking hill is surrounded by jagged rocks scattered across the Martian surface. The iconic yellow sky is visible in the background, and the majestic hills and mountains are er away. This is a scene that most people will never see, but Perseverance allows us to get a stunning view right here on Earth.

Perseverance is doing more than adding photos to its growing collection. Recently, Perseverance set out to trek 3 miles to Mars’ river delta. Although it will take Perseverance several weeks to complete the journey, once it is completed, it will resume its normal rock-collecting activities. Scientists think the river delta was one of the most important hotspots in the history of ancient microbial life on Mars. Scientists believe Perseverance will confirm that life existed there if it is true.


This Perseverance Photo Of A Mars Hill Is So Perfect You’ll Swear It’s Fake
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