Pinterest Will Remove Posts & Ads With Climate Change Misinformation

Pinterest Will Remove Posts & Ads With Climate Change Misinformation


Pinterest Will Remove Posts & Ads With Climate Change Misinformation

Pinboard announced Wednesday that it would ban any post or advertisement containing misinformation about climate change. This isn’t the first social media platform that has created a policy to counter false information about climate. Last year, Facebook said it would label posts with links to factual data or resources. However, a Center for Countering Digital Hate report found that Meta only marked about half the climate denier posts. Google declared that it would not run ads that were contrary to the science on Climate Change in October 2013. Google did not keep its word. The Center for Countering Digital Hate discovered that Google had run climate misinformation ads in December on at least 50 articles.

Pinterest keeps updating its Community Guidelines to provide users with a secure and trusted experience. In 2016, for example, the company prohibited inappropriate and culturally appropriated costumes from ads. It added anti-vaccination content in 2017, followed by weight-loss and political ads in 2018.

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Pinterest has updated its Community Guidelines to include misinformation about climate change. This policy prohibits any content that is not scientifically supported about the existence and impacts of climate change. It also bans misleading information about solutions or misrepresentations of scientific facts. It also excludes information that could be dangerous to public safety in extreme weather situations or natural disasters. The company also updated its advertising policy to prohibit advertisements containing conspiracy theories.

Pinterest Meets Its Users Wherever They Are


In 2017, Pinterest developed public health misinformation guidelines. “Pinterest’s expanded climate misinformation policy marks another milestone in its quest to combat misinformation online,” stated Sarah Bromma, Head of Policy. The Climate Disinformation Coalition was partnered with Pinterest and the Conscious Advertising Network to ensure that the guidelines were maintained. Pinterest developed the policy with these organizations. They took inspiration from what they had seen on other social media platforms.

People are more aware of Climate Change and seek ways to mitigate it. Pinterest found that users are seeking ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. The new policy will allow them to find reliable information and change their lives. According to the company, sustainability searches have increased over the last year. Users searched for ideas on reducing waste six times as often as they did last year. They also sought out tips on how to recycle clothes fourfold more. These areas saw significant increases in searches for “recycled house decor” and ways to live a zero-waste lifestyle. These areas saw a 95% and 64% increase, respectively.


Pinterest Will Remove Posts & Ads With Climate Change Misinformation
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