Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 File Explorer Is Finally Getting Tabs

Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 File Explorer Is Finally Getting Tabs


Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 File Explorer Is Finally Getting Tabs

Microsoft announced several new Windows 11 features. This includes a tabbed interface for File Explorer, which users have long wanted. Although the built-in File Explorer works well, it’s not as feature-rich as third-party options. Microsoft has promised to improve it with future updates.

Windows 11 is the most recent version of Windows. It was released last year with positive reviews from both users and the media. The new version includes a refreshed user interface and other notable features such as native Android app functionality, redesigned Start menu, etc. Microsoft claims that the new File Explorer is more productive and easier to use. It will be more intuitive and powerful than ever, thanks to its tabbed interface.

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Microsoft Tuesday announced several improvements to the native File Explorer for Windows 11. These included a tabbed interface. According to Microsoft’s blog post, the new File Explorer will be cloud-powered and allow users to view all files in one place. Users will be able to pin files or create tabs with the new File Explorer, which will reduce the number of clicks needed to access files and folders. A video has been posted by the Windows YouTube channel demonstrating these new features. Users can right-click on files and choose ‘Add To Favorites’ to pin them.


File Explorer Tabs Are Coming


Windows 11 File Explorer tabs will work and look similar to browser tabs. Users will need to click the ‘plus’ symbol in the File Explorer Window to open new accounts. Although the feature was first reported by a Windows Insider last month, Microsoft officially confirmed it is now available. Although there is no timeline, the company stated that all users would get the updated File Explorer with tabs at its Tuesday virtual Windows event.

Microsoft announced or demoed many other features for hybrid work. These included improvements to video-calling and Windows. Focus Assist, now called “Focus,” will see an upgrade. It will integrate with the Action Center and allow users to launch Focus Sessions without opening the Clock app. A system-wide Live Captions feature will enable users to transcribe all audio, including streaming video, on their PCs. Microsoft will introduce security features such as Smart App Control, which will restrict the running of trusted apps on a computer.


Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 File Explorer Is Finally Getting Tabs
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