Former Apple Engineer Shares Steve Jobs’ Reaction To First FaceTime Demo

Former Apple Engineer Shares Steve Jobs’ Reaction To First FaceTime Demo


Former Apple Engineer Shares Steve Jobs’ Reaction To First FaceTime Demo

Justin Santamaria, a former Apple engineer, recalled the original FaceTime demo conducted before the official announcement. He also included Steve Jobs’ incredible reaction. FaceTime was launched in 2010 along with the completely redesigned iPhone 4. It revolutionized the way people communicate and connect. The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone with an Apple-designed processor. The smartphone was faster than the previous two versions, thanks to the A4 chip. The smartphone was equipped with extra sensors, such as the gyroscope. This sensor is essential for modern smartphones and wearables. The most important addition was software and the FaceTime announcement.

FaceTime was introduced to iOS with the iPhone 4, but it wasn’t embedded in the entire Apple ecosystem. FaceTime was limited to iOS 4 and did not work with older iPhones. The video-calling service was made available to select iPod Touches, which increased its utility. In late 2010, Mac OS X Snow Leopard introduced FaceTime to the Mac. It can be used in notebooks, iMacs, and Apple Cinema Displays. Anybody with an Apple ID could communicate seamlessly within the Apple ecosystem. This was a breakthrough in mobile communication. An Apple engineer said that FaceTime was not always a huge success.

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Justin Santamaria is an Apple engineer and former software designer. He appeared on the Techmeme ride home podcast to discuss his involvement with crucial software projects. Santamaria was explicitly involved in iTunes for Windows, which was particularly important because iPhones and iPods require iTunes to be installed. The engineer was also engaged in iChat, a mobile communication platform that predated FaceTime and iMessage. Santamaria said that iChat was a great way to demonstrate how easily video conferences can be done.

Steve Jobs’ Reaction To First FaceTime Demo


The first FaceTime demo was held with Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO. It was an iChat You + 3′ call that allowed up to three people to join a video conference call. Apple executives and designers had to participate in the test on their own Macs. The software designers were not sure how the test would turn out. Santamaria recalls that he was told, “Whatever it happens, pretend it’s going smoothly because it’s beta software and this is weeks, months, or even years before release.” Santamaria also remembers the original sound, the ‘boom, which signaled the switch from a 2-D call window to a 3-D one with up to four participants. Santamaria replied that Jobs responded to the demo by saying, “Oh my God, I’m going make the crowd s**t,.”

Santamaria, who was more involved in the mobile communications market with the iPhone and iPod Touch, confirmed that iChat was the foundation for FaceTime. FaceTime has evolved over the years to be more like the video conferencing platform it was founded on. The company introduced the group FaceTimes to all its software platforms in 2020. This allowed up to 32 people to participate in a single video conference. Apple’s mobile communication services, iMessage and FaceTime, are significant to these platforms as users can connect with their family and friends. Santamaria recalls that Steve Jobs was adamant from the first FaceTime demo that iChat was a game-changer.


Former Apple Engineer Shares Steve Jobs’ Reaction To First FaceTime Demo
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