FastStone Capture Windows Screen Recorder Crack Free Download

FastStone Capture Windows Screen Recorder Crack Free Download

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture Windows Screen Recorder Crack Free Download

FastStone Soft has developed FastStone Capture, a screen recorder and screen capture tool. It allows you to take photos of your entire screen and active windows in different sizes. You can use it to capture while you scroll through a page or run a program. FastStone will open your file in the editor once you have uploaded your image. Many editing tools like drawing, trimming, resizing, and tint. You can save the final product as a BMP or GIF, JPEG. PCX. TGA. TIFF. PDF and WMV file formats

You can also use 6 other Output tools to enhance your photos: Delay Before Capture, Include mouse Pointer, Copy To Clipboard, Auto Caption and Watermark. If you choose any of these 6 tools, it’s essential to preview the work. You can then view the image and edit the text.

FastStone Crack Features

  • A handy Capture Panel, which provides quick access and control to the capture tools as well as output options
    Hotkeys globally to instantly activate screen capturing
  • Capture windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular/freehand/fixed-size regions, and scrolling windows/web pages
  • Multiple windows and objects can be captured, including multi-level menus
  • You can record screen activity, including a speech from the microphone, audio from speakers and onscreen movements. Click into compressed video files (Windows Media Video format). You can use the built-in video editor to add annotations, zoom effects, and cut out unwanted sections. You can even convert video files into animated gifs.
  • Option to specify output destination (internal, clipboard or file),
  • Annotation objects include callouts and straight/curved text, arrowed texts, highlights, watermarks or watermarks. Rectangles, circles, steps, numbers, and many other things can be drawn.
  • You can apply effects like drop-shadow and spotlight. Frame, torn edge, fade edge, and frame are all possible.
  • Select areas to be blurred
  • Add image caption
  • Resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, brighten, adjust colors
  • Undo/Redo
  • Support tabs allow you to capture and edit multiple images simultaneously
  • Optional: Group tabs in multiple workspaces. Each workspace is saved in its last-used folder. It acts as an independent instance of the internal editor
  • Help external editors
  • You can save in BMP and GIF, JPEG or PCX formats.
  • Take images from the scanner.
  • Convert images to a single PDF file
  • Combine images into a single image file
  • Batch printing allows you to print multiple images at once
  • Email captured images
  • Send images captured to OneNote and PowerPoint documents.
  • Send captured images to a Web server (FTP).
  • At user-specified times, the auto-capture screen is repeated
  • Screen Color Picker
  • Magnifier for Screen
  • Screen Crosshair
  • Screen Focus
  • Screen Ruler
  • Support multiple monitors
  • Support high-DPI/high-resolution/4K monitors
  • Touch interface support (tap, swipe and pinch).
  • Run when Windows starts (optional).
  • Reduce the System Tray Area
  • Memory footprint is small

What’s new in FastStone Capture 9.

  • Translation of the user interfaces in 12 languages, including Bulgarian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Czech.
  • Japanese, Koreans, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian
  • Capture Scrolling Window now has higher reliability and performance
  • Enhance “Fill With Color” in the Draw tool. Right-clicking allows you to select a color for your screen.
  • Enhanced Screen Color Picker
  • When recording speaker, auto-detect the active speaker and switch to it
  • Additional confirmation window for the discarding of current recording
  • Fixed bug that caused external monitors to stop recording.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented videos from being cut
  • Support for 4K monitors has been improved
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

What’s new in FastStone Capture 9.6

  • To show/hide captions in the toolbar, the internal editor has been updated with the option “Show Button Captions.” This option is available in
  • You can access it by clicking on the toolbar or under the Settings menu.
  • You can now “right-click and choose screen color” for all color boxes in the Draw tool
  • To:
  • The internal editor
  • The “Combine images to create a single image” tool
  • The “Convert images to a single PDF” tool
  • The Print dialog
  • Multi-language enhancement
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

What’s new in FastStone Capture 9.7

  • A new format for image capture, FastStone Capture format (*.fsc), was introduced. This format is lossless and preserves annotation objects and image data for future reediting.
  • Addition of “Filled Polygon” and “Emoji” to Draw tool
  • Capture Scrolling Window now has higher reliability and performance
  • Add Language option to the Settings
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes




FastStone Capture Windows Screen Recorder Crack Free Download
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