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Metal Gear Solid: La Li Lu Le Lo Explained

Metal Gear Solid: La Li Lu Le Lo Explained

Metal Gear Solid: La Li Lu Le Lo Explained

Any playthrough of the metal Gear SolidPlayers will continue to hear the phrase “Lai-lu le-lo” throughout the franchise. Although it sounds like gibberish, this phrase is actually an important piece of information that runs throughout the series. Metal Gear Solid.

Metal Gear Solid 2 slowly reveals that “La-liu-lelo” is a code name for The Patriots. Richard Ames mentions the secret code in an initial encounter. He then goes on to explain the power of The Patriots over the United States government. Later, during a run-in with President James Johnson, the nanomachine code word is confirmed. The full power of The Patriots is revealed when Johnson tells Raiden that the organization was responsible for picking him to be president.

The Patriots can be compared to the Illuminati to get a simple way to view them. They are a clandestine organization responsible for most of the events occurring in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Zero and Big Boss (also called Naked Snake) formed the Patriots organization following Metal Gear Solid 3 to control the world and make it their own.

Since The Boss dies before The Patriots are actually formed, the organization’s future is formed primarily on Zero’s interpretation of her legacy. Although The Boss believed in greater freedom and a united world, Zero interprets her legacy as a vision of world dominance, primarily by controlling mass media.

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