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Fortnite: How to Confront the Mole for Week 14 Challenge

Fortnite: How to Confront the Mole for Week 14 Challenge

Fortnite: How to Confront the Mole for Week 14 Challenge

FortniteWith just a week remaining, the Chapter 2 Season 7 finale event of ‘The Walking Dead’ is quickly approaching. Operation: Sky FireLooks like they are determined to get rid of the aliens and mothership from the island once and for all. Slone and the Imagined Order have had players helping them with this plan for weeks. This latest challenge is to confront a mole on the island trying to sabotage Slone’s plans.

This challenge is a good match for another Legendary Quest, Week 14. It involves stopping the mole from sabotage. Fortnite gamers can complete both challenges by following this guide. Fortnite players will earn XP towards the Battle Pass.

The Dinky Dish IO satellite base is located between Craggy Cliffs & Steamy Stacks. Players can start this challenge by looking for it. It is simply a radar dish that emits a red glow from its tip. Players will identify the satellite base as soon as they get out of the Battle Bus. To complete the Week 14 Radar Dish Legendary Quest, shut down this satellite to earn the 15,000 XP and then continue with the mission of finding the mole.

Players must initiate a conversation with the NPC and press the interact button to confront the mole. Players will be able to confront Maven and earn 30,000 XP toward the Season 7 Battle Pass. This confrontation could lead to a battle, so Fortnite players might need to grab strong weapons, particularly IO weapons such as the Pulse Rifle, to take on Maven.

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