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These Factors Are Why Most Superhero Films Can’t Top The Dark Knight Trilogy

These Factors Are Why Most Superhero Films Can't Top The Dark Knight Trilogy

These Factors Are Why Most Superhero Films Can’t Top The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Since then, it has been approximately 10 yearsThe Dark Knight RisesHit theatres, ending Batman’s epic journey through the iconic Dark Knight Trilogy. Numerous superhero films have made their way onto the big screen since the expansion of the MCU/DCEU universes. Many of these films present exciting stories about these heroes in solo films or crossovers. But they can’t match Christopher Nolan’s portrayal of Batman.

The superhero film world was changed when Batman Begins came out in 2005. It not only gave Batman a new, more grounded, darker, and more realistic portrayal of the character, but it also proved that superhero movies could be more than just silly or for fun. These characters have a lot more emotional complexity than previous Batman films. This made for a much more enjoyable viewing experience. Fans found themselves caring more about the man behind the cape and cowl and the relationships he shared with his closest friends. The Oscar-winning 2008 film The Dark Knight continued the trend, leaving audiences with an unforgettable sequel. This was largely due to Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises concluded the series on a high note. These crucial elements are why there are more than 20 films in the MCU.

The Villians

It is said that a film can only be as good as its antagonist. This is especially true for The Dark Knight Trilogy and all MCU films. The problem with the MCU’s heroes and their origin stories is not the villains but rather the villains. The MCU’s villains are weak and disposable characters who serve the plot. They usually have little to no impact on the story, other than defeating the hero. This is a problem in a series that has over 20 films.

The stakes aren’t as high without a worthy villain, and the tension that should be there is absent. What makes villains like Loki, Thanos and Killmonger stand out among the rest is that, as all great villains do, they challenge the protagonist, having them question the ethical reasoning behind their actions. The fans can see where the characters are coming from and understand why they think this way. These are just a few of many good villains.

The Dark Knight Trilogy explores the villains in greater detail than Batman’s own character. Each villain is motivated by some philosophy, whether Liam Neeson’s Ra’s Al Ghul or Ledger’s Joker. The Dark Knight is Batman’s ultimate antagonist. He finds himself in difficult situations and must make tough decisions. His manipulation and reasoning for what he does make Ledger’s Joker such an unpredictable and interesting character, one that tackles larger themes of anarchy and morality and how certain circumstances can make someone give up everything they stand for. He outdoes bale’s Batman, and he elevates the film.

A Contained, Grounded Story

It’s great to see so many superheroes interact in shared universes. However, it can be detrimental to storytelling. While the MCU and DCEU are expanding and introducing many sequels that will tie up new heroes, it’s starting to feel more like these films are filler for upcoming projects. It almost feels like they’re acting as TV episodes rather than movies. The fact that Marvel films only set up the next chapter rather than telling the whole story takes away any suspense. WhatThe Dark Knight TrilogyThis story is told in a small universe that focuses on one hero’s journey. This story feels more powerful and emotional since fans can travel with the character at different times in his life, rather than just jumping from one hero. This is how it works. Bale’s Wayne/Batman is fleshed out and has a clear beginning and middle. It makes it even more enjoyable.

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