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Mark Ruffalo Teases Marvel Zombies With Horrifying What If…? Clip

Mark Ruffalo Teases Marvel Zombies With Horrifying What If...? Clip

Mark Ruffalo Teases Marvel Zombies With Horrifying What If…? Clip

Marvel Studios’What if …? __S.2__Fans have been able to see alternate words that describe the MCU’s storylines in different ways. The upcoming episode on animated Disney Plus may be the most radical yet. Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo gave a glimpse at Marvel Zombies’ debut in the MCU.

Appropriately titled “What If… Zombies? “!” Marvel Studios’ newest animated series is likely inspired by the Marvel Zombies series by Marvel Comics. These stories take place in an alternate Marvel universe, where a virus has zombified the world’s superheroes. However, these characters of these characters are depicted as both enemies and heroes throughout the comic book series.

The details about What if ‘s Marvel Zombies’ incarnation is still being kept secret. However, Ruffalo shared a clip on Twitter that gives some insight into the events leading to the zombification. The clip opens with Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner exiting Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum to find a seemingly abandoned New York City. Banner confronts Ebony Maw, one of the underlings, with Thanos after asking himself if it’s too late. Banner tries to bring out the Hulk, but the Green Goliath won’t allow him to. However, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong, and Wong, Banner is saved, who emerge from a portal to take down the alien invader. The banner was not prepared for the fighting style of the trio. However, it becomes apparent that the three are far more deadly than Banner anticipated.

The new What If …? video shows an alternate version of Ebony Maw’s and Cull Obsidian arriving on Earth in Avengers: Infinity War. Iron Man and Doctor Strange teamed up to face the antagonistic duo shortly before Banner crashed-landed in Sanctum Sanctorum to warn his heroes about the imminent invasion of Thanos. What if it seems to be telling a story about Banner, who was taken to the Sanctorum from Asgard by Heimdall and his underlings after Thanos and Asgard’s destruction. He arrived too late to warn his friends. It remains to be seen how and why Iron Man’s zombie version and his companions managed to make it to Earth.

The MCU version will have a Marvel Zombies story that is quite different than the comics. The Marvel Zombies series was created by the crossover story-arc of Ultimate Fantastic Four and the creative team behind What If. __S.22__

Fans will have just as much fun as the other tales about the undead heroes. What if …?As you can see, zombies are still trendy. The continued success of The Walking DeadIt was only a matter of time before Marvel Studios got in on the act.

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