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Dragon Age 4: Why the Darkspawn May Be Key to Solas’ Plan

Dragon Age 4: Why the Darkspawn May Be Key to Solas’ Plan

Dragon Age 4: Why the Darkspawn May Be Key to Solas’ Plan

This is a new approach to the previous method, dragon AgeGamesDragon Age 4The villain of the film will be a character in the previous title. This gives fans an idea of the antagonist’s intentions. Solas, a Dread Wolf, is determined to destroy the Veil, which separates the magical realms of the Fade and the material world.

Fans are also aware of the motives of the Dread Wolf. To liberate his people from slavery, Solas created the Veil to trap the Elven gods in Fade centuries before the events of the Dragon Age game. The Elves, however, were no match for humans once they were cut off from their magic and arrived on the continent as the Tevinter Imperium. Solas is determined to bring his people back to their former glory. The Darkspawn may be the last piece of Solas’ plan for Dragon Age 4. It could explain some of the major mysteries in these games.

The Elves and The Darkspawn

One of the greatest mysteries of Dragon Age is still Darkspawn’s origins. Dragon Age: Origins opens with one account, explaining that the Magisters of the Tevinter Imperium used blood magic to break through the Veil and enter the Maker’s Golden City in the Fade long ago. The Maker made Darkspawn punish them and caused the First Blight. He also promised that he would leave his creation until the day when the chants of light were sung from all corners of the globe.

The Imperial Chantry does not follow this account. In the last video, Corypheus (Inquisition’s villain, one of the original Magisters who broke the Veil), hinted that the Magisters entered the Maker’s Golden City but found his throne empty. It is possible that the Maker didn’t exist at all. The history of Thedas’ Elves may not be the true source of Darkspawn’s origins, but humanity’s.

The Evanuris, the Elven pantheon, were not real gods. These Elven mages were powerful and could ascend to godlike status within their society. They began to use their newfound power to create slaves for their own people, along with Mythal and Solas. Mythal opposed her killing, but her spirit would eventually return to possess Flemeth. Solas started a rebellion and was named the Dread Wolf. He won the battle by creating the Veil, trapping Evanuris in The Fade, and cutting off the Elves’ magic.

The Darkspawn creators are now looking for prime suspects in the Elven gods. They have both the means and the motivation. They’re mighty magical beings, and seeing the Empire destroyed by the Tevinter Imperium, there’s poetic justice in turning Tevinter’s most powerful mages into monsters that would wreak havoc on human civilization.

Solas’ Plan

The Blight could play an important role in Sola’s plan for restoring the Elven empire. Even if the Evanuris are not the ones who created the Darkspawn, The Fade seems to be the source of the Blight, so removing the Veil could allow another Blight to spread across Thedas. Problem is the Blight’s chaotic nature. It isn’t easy to imagine how Solas could control it so that Elves are saved. However, there is one Dragon Age mystery that may be able to save the day.

An Archdemon is one of the Old Gods Tevinter that has been corrupted and telepathically leads each Blight. An Archdemon’s soul can jump into any Taint-infected creature if it is killed. If that being is a Grey Warden, they still have a soul causes a paradox that destroys both the Archdemon and the Warden themselves.

Dragon Age Origins players had the choice to save their Warden companions or themselves by participating in Morrigan’s dark ritual, conceiving an Archdemon-like child. The option was not mandatory, but players could choose to return as Kieran in Dragon Age. During Inquisition‘s plot, Flemeth appeared to take the Archdemon’s soul from Kieran. Flemeth appeared to have transferred her life essence, both Mythal’s and that of the Archdemon, into Solas after Inquisition.

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