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Upcoming Game Expedition Agartha is Like Medieval Escape From Tarkov

Upcoming Game Expedition Agartha is Like Medieval Escape From Tarkov

Upcoming Game Expedition Agartha is Like Medieval Escape From Tarkov

landscape TarkovAndChivalry 2It seems that there is a new project that is worth your attention. Matrioshka Games is the developer of the 2D action RPG. Fallen AngelWandering Wizard is the publisher of the survival MMO. The Old West OutlawsThey have teamed up for a new project. This game expedition AgarthaA first-person PvPvE match allows you to swap characters escape from TarkovFor a complete medieval experience try the soviet military aesthetic.

Both Expedition Agartha and Escape from Tarkov share the same premise. Players will be tasked with exploring, looting, and extracting to safety while also dealing with hardcore full-loot PvP. The Lost Continent of Mu’s Expedition Agartha island is free from all prisoners. It is home to not only player enemies but also bandits as well as other dangerous NPCs. Expedition Agartha will have quests, raids, and other activities that fit its medieval setting.

Expedition Agartha’s combat is where Escape from Tarkov ends, and Chivalry 2 starts. As a medieval game, rifles, long-range weapons, and other long-range weapons are not the game’s main focus. Expedition Agartha instead will have skill-based melee action, blocking, dodging and both light or heavy attacks. Players will no longer have to worry about being randomly one-shotted by an enemy they have never seen. Players will be required to engage in melee combat to seize their opponents’ loot.

Expedition Agartha is a PvP-based game that allows up to three players to play together. Players can choose to hunt other players or farm gear from NPCs once they are in-game. Survival is the main priority, as dying means losing gear and progression, but successful extraction means taking earned loot into the next expedition. Players can queue as a Freebooter instead of a Mercenary to earn their gear back, even if they die repeatedly.

The Expedition Agartha premise is exciting, but much will depend on the game’s server structure. Escape from Tarkov players will recall that it took the developer a very long time to smooth out issues tied to lag, losing gear, and overall persistence issues. The hackers are also not mentioned. Matrioshka Games still has much to prove to win players’ trust.

Expedition Agartha has been confirmed for the PC platform. The release window for the game is also unclear at 2022. However, Matrioshka Games has stated that it will be available in early 2022. Open beta plans are also mentioned, with access granted through the official Discord channel. More information will be available soon.

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