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Why Resident Evil Village Should Really Be the End for Ethan Winters

Why Resident Evil Village Should Really Be the End for Ethan Winters

Why Resident Evil Village Should Really Be the End for Ethan Winters

Resident Evil VillageIt received a positive reception from critics. The latest entry in resident EvilFast immediately after the events of the franchise was established. Resident Evil 7The Winters family was offered little relief. Resident Evil VillageIt was also very well received by resident EvilMany fans felt that the game was the perfect ending to the story of Ethan Winters’ family.

Fans have discovered a hidden secret in the Resident Evil Village post-credits scene, which may change the game’s ending. This secret suggests that Ethan Winters’ fate may not be as simple as it seems. Ethan Winters shouldn’t be the main feature of Resident Evil 9 for the sake of overall.

Is Ethan Winters still alive?

Resident Evil Village’s ending seemed to have a definitive conclusion about Ethan Winters’ fate. To detonate the bomb and stop the games from continuing, he agrees to remain in the village. To the horror of Mia’s, Chris Redfield reluctantly accepts Ethan’s plan. The story ends with Mother Miranda, Ethan and the entire village being blown up in an explosion while Rose and Mia escape.

Ethan Winters was given a heroic and selfless end to his involvement in the Resident Evil franchise, befitting what fans knew about the character. Capcom might have other ideas, though that is what most people thought.

Rose visits her father’s grave in a scene that is shown after credits. One of Chris Redfield’s agents arrives to pick her up. Rose is shown to have many of her father’s powers, including some that Chris “doesn’t know”. Some believe Rose will be Resident Evil 9’s protagonist, or even the antagonist, due to her anger. Fans discovered Ethan in Rose’s post-credits scene by using a free camera mod. Ethan Winters may be the protagonist in Resident Evil9.

Resident Evil 9 should choose a new protagonist.

Understandably, Resident Evil fans don’t want the end to the Ethan Winters story. After his transformation from a civilian out of his depth to an infected-killing machine, it’s not surprising that they aren’t happy to see the ending. There have been other surprising twists in the Resident Evil franchise. However, it could be argued that Ethan Winters’ suicide in Resident Evil Village was the right way to end his story. Ethan’s story was about a father who sacrificed everything for his daughter. Ethan ultimately had to give his life to protect Rose.

It is a low blow to the sacrifices Ethan Winters made. Resident Evil Village revealed Ethan’s invincibility. However, Village ended with his regenerative abilities failing him. He knew this was a suicide mission. Ethan’s survival would diminish the significance of his sacrifice and distract away from his heroism. The series’ main protagonist was killed off because it seemed like the story could have a happy end.

Ethan’s return and the survival of his main character would be a people-pleasing move that does not help the larger story. Resident Evil 9 should make room for Ethan’s story to end at Resident Evil Village.

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