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Quake Remastered: Every Weapon In The Game

Quake Remastered: Every Weapon In The Game

Quake Remastered: Every Weapon In The Game

Quake RemasteredReleased at the end of August, and the Remaster was a surprise to fans. The Nintendo Switch is the latest platform to get the Remaster. It’s been over a quarter-century since the Remaster was released.Quake’sThe classic arena FPS was launched at the initial launch. Now, players can finally enjoy it on their next-generation consoles.

The remastered edition includes updated graphics and animations as well as 60 frames per sec. The game will support 120 frames per second in a future update. New players just starting the game will need to be familiar with the weapons and best strategies for racking up kills. This guide lists all eight, ranked in order of importance.


The ax is the most dangerous weapon in the arsenalQuakeIt is the only one that deals20 damage per blow. It will take five swings to kill a character whose health is 100.

Standard deathmatch players spawn with a shotgun so they can use it to shoot. It would be absurd to use the ax… The RPM of both weapons is the same, but the Shotgun deals 4 more damage per hit. Although they require the same RPM, both weapons need 5 hits to kill. However, the shotgun’s range makes it an easier choice.


Standard multiplayer uses the shotgun as the spawn weapon. Because of its low power, it isn’t a powerful weapon—five-shot kill potential at 120 pm. Although the shotgun is quite accurate at the medium range, it doesn’t damage the main weapon. Instead, players will be looking for one of the following power weapons.

Despite how bad the base shotgun is, players will use the classic weapon as much as any other, and well-placed hits will net a few frags.

Double Barreled Shotgun

Double-barreled shotguns do twice as much damage to the base Shotgun. The gun can inflict 56 damage per shot—two shots to kill the opposing player.

It has the same velocity as the base Shotgun but a slower rate of fire. It fires at a rate of about 1.2 lbs.25% slower than the ShotgunIt is a powerful weapon that can be used to punish people who miss their shots.

Nailgun & Super Nailgun

These weapons are not easy to master. The Nailgun isn’t very powerful. It does only 9 damage per nail and can fire 600 rounds per minute. This meant will take 12 nails to kill an enemy. These nails can fire very quickly, but it is difficult to hit a target. Standard Nailguns are equipped with terrible bullet velocity. This means that gamers will need to be able to direct their targets to score hits.

Although Super Nailguns have slightly higher bullet velocity, they still require a steep learning curve. The Nailgun’s upgraded version does twice as much damage. Enemies will be quickly taken down by just six shots of the rapid-firing weapon.

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