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Former Jet Set Radio Artist and Yakuza Director Will Be Returning to Sega

Former Jet Set Radio Artist and Yakuza Director Will Be Returning to Sega

Former Jet Set Radio Artist and Yakuza Director Will Be Returning to Sega

Recent years have seen a significant increase inset major releases have been made by many of its franchises. These include the ever-popularYakuzaThese series have been a commercial and critical success. The funky property is another asset that the company still uses in a limited capacity. Jet Set Radio. You can see this with Beate’s inclusion in Super Monkey Ball: Banana ManiaSega published a second title, titled ‘The Other Title’, which Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio also developed. The aforementioned titles are not available in English. Jet Set RadioThe series has remained dormant, and the theYakuzaSega is seeing a boom in franchises. Sega will soon be welcoming back a key figure that was a part of these titles.

Ryuta Ueda was the former employee who directed the original Yakuza 1 on the PlayStation 2 and 2. Ryuta Ueda was also the director of the original Yakuza 1 and 2 on the PlayStation 2. After the 2011 release of Rising of Nightmares, he left Sega and joined Yahoo Japan to develop mobile games. After nine years of service at the company, he announced his intention to return to Sega.

The announcement was made on Ueda’s public Facebook page. Ueda is now looking to develop new Sega video games. He thanked all the people he had the pleasure of meeting at Yahoo Japan and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to transfer the knowledge he gained to his new position at Sega. “I will now be focusing on making games again. I love the excitement of creating things, and I smile a bit at the prospect of meeting old friends and making new ones. I want to show the full extent of what I have learned through experience. Ueda states in his announcement.

His return may coincide with another Sega key figure’s departure. The current director of the Yakuza series, Toshihiro Nagoshi, will be reportedly leaving Sega and is in final negotiations to start working at Chinese tech company NetEase, ending his 32-year career at Sega.

Fans speculated that if Nagoshi leaves Sega, Ueda could take over as director.YakuzaSeries based on his previous experience. Others hoped that he would return to the forefront of society. Jet Set RadioThe retro aesthetic and legacy of games like “The Game” could be revived. Bomb Rush Cyberpunk. Many fans are happy to see the key figure back. Sega.

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