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Sonic Colors: Ultimate for Switch Near Unplayable Due to Glitches

Sonic Colors: Ultimate for Switch Near Unplayable Due to Glitches

Sonic Colors: Ultimate for Switch Near Unplayable Due to Glitches

Sonic ColorsForThe Nintendo WiiFans and critics love it as one of the greatest.SonicTitles in recent years. The Ultimate ColorsAlthough it might be a remaster of the original title, many fans were eager to see it. The old title was loved by gamers, who longed to experience it again. For the Nintendo-based players, unfortunately.SonicGamers may have to wait until they receive a fair number of patches before buying. Early access users have discovered that the Nintendo Switch version can be extremely unstable.

The Switch version Sonic Colors: Ultimate was not looking good. A trailer describing the changes made to the game revealed that it would run at 30 frames per second, while the other versions were 60 frames per second and provided 4K support. Some fans saw this as a red flag, and they could purchase Sonic’s new release on Switch.

Those who purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game not only got a bunch of in-game goodies and cosmetics but also got the game early on September 3, and those who decided to get it on Switch were greeted with seizure-inducing glitches, entire screens of textures not registering properly, and even corrupted saves. Many Sonic Colors Ultimate users have had to put down the game to avoid opening it again. These glitches can pose an epileptic risk to some gamers, but the more serious videos are easily accessible on social media. Fans are upset that one of the most beloved Nintendo-exclusive Sonic titles was made into the worst. This would have been an excellent way to introduce this game to new audiences. Some players are puzzled by the failure of such a promising rerelease.

With that in mind, gamers are turning their ire towards SEGA, as it could be a case of the company bringing on a studio ill-prepared for a Switch release while pushing it towards doing it anyway. It’s unclear what exactly happened, and it may never be publicly stated. Many of the issues are cosmetic and can be fixed over time. Nintendo is aware of the problem and will refund the title to those who aren’t willing to wait.

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