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Nintendo’s History of Spoiling Its Own Games Should Be a Cautionary Tale

Nintendo's History of Spoiling Its Own Games Should Be a Cautionary Tale

Nintendo’s History of Spoiling Its Own Games Should Be a Cautionary Tale

The futureMetroid DreadThis is the first 2D title in the franchise’s history in almost twenty years. Fans of the series will likely be eager to get more information about the game before it is released next month. Some fans try to distance themselves from the hype and promotional material, given Nintendo’s history of big releases. The latest trailer for Metroid DreadSamus will be confronted with two unexpected and interesting enemies. The first is that Samus will face a usually benevolent Chozo. Ridley will be able to make the same appearance as Kraid, the space-pirate boss.

Nintendo can be like its fans, spoiling some things in the excitement. Similar things happened with 2017’s The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Game Freak’s Pokemon Sun and Moon. A trailer could ruin the excitement for a game if Nintendo doesn’t take precautions. These trailers are not recommended for players who want to be completely blinded by the latest entry in their favourite series.

Nintendo’s History with Spoilers

Nintendo’s reputation for entertaining narrative-based games is not what it built, but it is clear that it has misrepresented its games in promotional materials several times. Many of the company’s games seem to prioritize gameplay. Is it a spoiler to say Mario defeats Bowser in Super Mario Odyssey? Only for people who have never played or heard about a Mario video game. Nintendo attempts to make a game trailer that fits all. However, it seems to forget that spoiler-laden games can be very difficult to explain.

Xenoblade Chronicles X, despite a disappointing run of Wii U games, is a highlight. Nintendo released a launch trailer and a story trailer before the game’s release. The launch trailer and story trailer both showcase key plot points and footage from the endgame. Legend of Zelda won the game of the year. Despite Dinraal, the fire dragon, only appearing a few days before its release via a tweet. The three dragons were among the most memorable moments in the game, even if they weren’t mentioned in the post. Although Pokemon Sun was technically not developed by Nintendo received a similar prerelease treatment. Before players could even access it, almost every detail about the Alola area was revealed.

Despite seeing the comments on the Xenoblade Chronicles X trailers and knowing the results, Nintendo appears not to have learned from its previous mistakes in creating marketing materials for the upcoming Metroid Dread. __S.104__ Over the course of months, Nintendo slowly began to spoil different aspects. It’s great that Nintendo is marketing a Metroid title, but it isn’t very pleasant to see them stick to the same formula. This is especially true considering Metroid, a highly lore-intensive franchise to Nintendo’s name, has a lot of its storytelling derived from the atmosphere.

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