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Horizon Forbidden West Changes PS5 Upgrade After Fan Backlash

Horizon Forbidden West Changes PS5 Upgrade After Fan Backlash

Horizon Forbidden West Changes PS5 Upgrade After Fan Backlash

Surprisingly, Sony Interactive Entertainment reversed its decision not to allow an upgrade path. Horizon Forbidden West. This update is in response to the backlash Sony received over not offering consumers a way out. Upgrade to the PS5 Forbidden East.

Fans were disappointed to learn that there would not be an upgrade path to the next generation of the game. Given that it is difficult to find a PS5 in stores, some fans may have to start their journey on the PS4 version. They were shocked to discover that they would need to buy Horizon again to play the upgraded PS5 version. However, Sony has now updated the PlayStation Blog post with new information.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO at Sony Interactive Entertainment, stated that Sony had realized it was making a promise to offer free upgrades for all cross-generation launch titles of the PS5, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Horizon Forbidden West release date was delayed. Sony has decided to stand behind that offer, and anyone who buys the Horizon forbidden West PS4 will be eligible to upgrade to the PS5 edition at no additional cost.

Ryan took the opportunity to confirm that all new cross-generation titles will be eligible to upgrade to PS5 at the cost of $10. This includes all future cross-generation titles, including the sequel to God of War or Gran Turismo 7. This upgrade will be available to both digital and physical copies of the games.

This incident was expected to result in a paid move for future cross-generational titles. However, allowing Horizon fans to upgrade free of charge is a pleasant surprise. The PS4 version is $60, and the PS5 version is $70 respectively, so it doesn’t make sense to purchase the latter.

It isn’t the first instance of Sony reversing a decision made after backlash from fans in recent history. Earlier this year, SIE decided not to shut down the digital storefronts on PS3 and PS Vita after receiving a similar response from consumers. Fans now know more about how these upgrades work for future Sony games.

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