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Hades: How To Defeat Tisiphone

Hades: How To Defeat Tisiphone

Hades: How To Defeat Tisiphone

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  • Tips On How To Beat Tisiphone

The game is named after the Greek god of the underworld.HadesThe fast-paced gameplay is quite challenging. The boss fights are a challenge but fun. They force players to improve their skills and learn new tactics to win.

Tisiphone is undoubtedly the most difficult of these bosses in Hades due to her swift movements and powerful attacks. To defeat her, you will need to have a strong build. Players also need to be able to anticipate her attacks and plan their counterattacks.

Tips on How to Beat Tisiphone

General Advice for The Boss Fighting Against Tisiphone

It doesn’t matter what build Tisiphone uses, so long as they have decent speed and range on their side. This will allow them to damage her boss during the slow moments between her powerful attacks. Players should therefore be more focused on anticipating and avoiding Tisiphone’s attacks before unleashing their counterattacks.

Columns of Green Fire – Attack Analysis

Tisiphone will remain in one spot before performing the attack. She will then spin rapidly for a second while large, dark circles appear in front of her. These circles indicate where the columns green fire will appear. However, they don’t last very long, so be sure to get out of their way before the dangerous part of this move explodes from the ground.

Attack Analysis – Single Wing Melee Strikes

These slashes follow Tisiphone’s raising of her single wing in the air for a prolonged moment. These slashes can be quite painful, and players may get hit with more than one because they are done in rapid succession. Avoiding damage from melee strikes is best done by backing away from the boss whenever she raises her wings in front of you.

Analyse Attack – Dashing Orb Attack

Although it doesn’t seem very dangerous, this move is likely to do the most damage. There is not much telegraphing. Tisiphone will only raise her hand to signal that she is ready to move quickly while firing out green energy orbs. This can be difficult to see in the chaos of battle. As such, If you want to avoid being damaged by this attack, players should stay on the side or behind your boss. This assault will not stop her from moving forward. Furthermore, the orbs launched at a perpendicular angle to her dashing direction (both right and left), so they can’t hit the player if the boss is behind them.

Spinning Orb Attack Analysis

Contrary to the Dashing Orb attack, this spinning variant is probably the easiest to dodge. Tisiphone spins around and emits small, green-coloured particles that travel outward. Avoid this attack by staying away from the boss.

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