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Fortnite’s Black Hole May Be Returning Soon

Fortnite’s Black Hole May Be Returning Soon

Fortnite’s Black Hole May Be Returning Soon

Fortnite is gearing up for Chapter 2, Season 7’s next major event. Operation: Sky Fire will conclude in one week. MissionsFortniteSeason 7 will conclude with an event larger than life that should end the storyline involving the invasion of the Mothership by aliens. Already, players are predicting that the Mothership will crash to the ground and change the course of events. The fortnite landscape will never be the same again. If a new leak is believed, the crashing Mothership might just be scratching Epic Games’ plans.

InTheShadeYT and Fortnite data miner shared a fascinating discovery recently. They tweeted, “We’re getting the Black Hole/Something similar in Season 14 after Event”, and then linked a Fortnite file with unclear content. Another tweet stated that the “black hole” will cause a loading screen. This post links two Fortnite assets which have “black” as their filenames. Fortnite players can trust InTheShadeYT’s reports, except for these filenames.

The black hole is probably the most important event in Fortnite history for those who aren’t familiar. The event brought to an end Chapter 1 of Fortnite and gave rise to Chapter 2. Fortnite players will remember that Fortnite was shut down for more than 37 hours due to the black hole. Epic began to prepare to launch their new map.

It’s unclear how the black hole will tie into Fortnite’s current storyline or the end of Chapter 2, Season 7. This is especially difficult because InTheShadeYT’s leak does not provide any details about the new black hole. The idea that the black holes could soon return to Earth is best dismissed as a rumour.

If the rumour is true, it’s not hard to imagine that it might be connected to the alien Mothership, which will crash or explode in Chapter 2, Season 7. Many strange technologies within the Mothership could explode. It’s hard to imagine it creating an explosion as large as the Zero Point did at the end of Chapter 1, though.

As with Chapter 1, Fortnite players might simply be experiencing the first step of the battle royale as it moves towards Chapter 2. The black hole may still be some time away. Fortnite’s future events will be even more exciting than anticipated, regardless of what happens.

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