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Dead By Daylight: Tips For Playing As The Blight

Dead By Daylight: Tips For Playing As The Blight

Dead By Daylight: Tips For Playing As The Blight

The Dead By Daylight’s most frightening creature is the Blight. Blight was once a human disease but is now the result of experiments by Talbot Grimes, a scientist. Grimes’ Opium war prisoner experiments had severe side effects. The Blight, which is part man and part undead, was born from unlucky subjects. Talbot received the same serum that killed dozens of prisoners in a twist of events, plunging him into the fog.

Blight is the perfect description of the game’s killer. Blight is one of the terrifying killers in the game. If the character is used correctly, you can eliminate every survivor quickly.

Blight Abilities

The main strength of the character is Blighted Corruption (Rush). Light can sprint to get within the distance survivors. Although it doesn’t send the creature far, it can be very useful if used correctly. The majority of Blight strategy involves mind games with survivors. You can make them believe they are safe and then have them run for cover. A basic rush has one drawback: players won’t be able to attack.

But lethal rush can be caused by Blight… Players will need to rush towards an object to activate Blight’s alt. This will cause fatigue. To perform a lethal rush, you can press the power button while tired… Blight attacks if users press the power button in the ensuing rush. This is the best way to use rush.

Tempo of Movement

The Blight is a growing problem115% faster than the survivors. This ability makes this creature dangerously fast, even without Rush. Blight can move at a speed of up to 3.5 mph when the ability is active speed: 230%This is too fast for survivors. Blighted Corruption will allow players to use it five times before running out of tokens. This is without any add-ons.

How to Play with Blight

Blight-maining Killers will be executed use movement to manoeuvre survivors. Smart players will be able to take down some survivors with their +15% speed. Pallets will be the only protection survivors have. These can be broken quickly, so it is OK to do so. Your enemies will not have them.

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