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Apex Legends Glitch Causes Character Change Mid-Game

Apex Legends Glitch Causes Character Change Mid-Game

Apex Legends Glitch Causes Character Change Mid-Game

Apex LegendsRecent popularity has seen a significant increase in the game’s popularity. Its popularity seems to be due in part to its appeal. List of Legends with Different Abilities. This list grows with each season, giving players more choices during fights. One gamer found that they were supposed to pick their character at the start of the game. However, the game required them to change Legends during matches.

Reddit user Mrpineapplehead559 posted a video in which he discovered a bug that caused the Legend to be changed. This glitch occurred while playing the Battle Royale mode on Kings Canyon. The gamer died in a fight near Capacitor, but his teammate managed to respawn him. Mrpineapplehead559 was playing Mirage up until this point. The dropship arrived, and the player descended into action when they suddenly heard a voice from Bloodhound. Surprised, they discovered that the game had switched characters in the middle of a match.

Reddit users have suggested in the comments section that the problem is due to problems with the game store. Apex Legends has several characters that must be unlocked to play them. If the store is not working properly, access to these unlockable characters may be denied. The game will then choose a random character from the initial roster.

Reddit users claim that this is what happened with Mrpineapplehead559. It is possible that this was just an assumption made by the community, and it has not been confirmed as the cause of character changes in mid-game. Nevertheless, this theory seems plausible as only the base Legends were available for a short time at the start of Season 9 due to issues with the game’s store and the jetpack Legend Valkyrie.

Reddit’s Apex Legends community was intrigued by the recent glitch found by Mrpineapplehead559. Over 5,100 users have voted for this glitch, indicating that they believe it is something that developers should fix. This glitch is not unique to Mrpineapplehead559; many other players have also experienced it.

Season 10 has been a huge success for Respawn. However, there have been some unintended problems. Apart from the latest glitch that causes Legends to change the mid-game, Apex Legends also generates loud music for other players. These glitches won’t cause Battle Royale to crash, but, understandably, gamers may be annoyed when they happen in their games. These issues will be of interest to Respawn.

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