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Predicting Black Cat’s Role in Spider-Man 2

Predicting Black Cat's Role in Spider-Man 2

Predicting Black Cat’s Role in Spider-Man 2

Insomniac has shown a deep understanding of the Spider-Man story over the course of two instalments. There have also been a few tie-in media outlets. Fans are eager to see what the studio does next, even though it seems impossible. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. __S.49__There are endless possibilities for who among the many Marvel villains and heroes that the team has at their disposal. Peter and Miles may run into each other next.

Many of the supporting characters in Spider-Man’s first two films have been presented in new and exciting ways. It’s important to not forget some of the original cast members. Black Cat, who was a key part of Peter’s development in the first game, may still be an important character in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man: Black Cat’s Role

Felicia Hardy, Insomniac’s version of Peter Parker, started his career in New York as a wall-crawler eighteen years before the original game. Having taken up the mantle of the Black Cat from her father, following his supposed death, Felicia is known to have embarked on a career as an honourable thief in a similar vein to Sucker Punch’s Sly Cooper. She eventually met Spider-Man through her chosen career path and fell in love with him.

Even though her presence is felt within the main campaign via the “Stakeout” side-quest, she makes her physical debut during the first chapter of The City That Never Sleeps DLC. Players learn that Peter had discovered her thieving addiction and they split up during this expansion. It is clear that they still love each other, and have played an important role in each other’s lives. Fans can expect to see the Black Cat return in a sequel. This unique dynamic will continue to challenge the moral compasses of both characters, showing that there are no easy answers.

Over the course of the DLC, it’s also established that Felicia’s return to the Black Cat mantle isn’t without motivation. She is trying to hide the fact that her motives are to exact revenge on the Maggia crime family for the supposed death she suffered. Felicia is unaware that Peter can see that her father is alive and well. He really just went into hiding to protect Felicia from New York’s mobsters. It is promising to keep an eye out

Felicia’s Family Ties

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Felicia only appears once throughout the game. Simon Krieger, the villain, claims she’s “straight-ish”, seemingly retiring from her anti-hero antics. With Hammerhead and the Maggia crime families having been taken down by Peter and Silver Sable at the end of the DLC, the door is now open for Insomniac Games to explore the loose ends that have been established in her story. Fans should expect her return by dropping a major reference such as that, which seems out of character for the universe’s Black Cat.

While there’s every chance that the studio might explore one of the character’s famous comic book storylines, like the time Felicia spent bonded to a symbiote or gained her own ‘bad-luck based powers, it seems much more likely that her storyline will progress with her family. It is now known that Walter Hardy remains active and alive. This makes it more likely that the two will reunite and attempt to reconcile.

Given that both Felicia (and Miles) have suffered the heartbreak of losing their fathers, it is not difficult to imagine Felicia playing a mentor-like role in the young Spider-Man’s ongoing healing process. It’s similar to the way she helped Peter in his early career.

Felicia will play a role in the story of Peter and Miles in the sequel. Based on the first game, it is obvious that Felicia will return in a side-quest based role. It’s easy to see players stumbling around New York trying to find clues to her current situation after Felicia announced her return in the same fashion as she did during her adventure.

Considering villains like Venom, the Lizard, Morbius, and Green Goblin have all already been heavily teased for the sequel, the game is already looking potentially packed enough with adversaries from the main quest line basis. It would be fitting for her personal journey to see the Black Cat standing together with New York’s Spider-Men in some of these fights.

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