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Borderlands 4 May Struggle in One Area Thanks to BL3

Borderlands 4 May Struggle in One Area Thanks to BL3

Borderlands 4 May Struggle in One Area Thanks to BL3

Borderlands 4This story clearly has great potential. The story’s premise is interesting enough for a sequel since the Vault Hunters will have to find Lilith. Gearbox may continue to redeem the least popular character in the series. making Ava playable game allows players to control the Siren and use her powers. All the planets that have been added to the universe have expanded it. Borderlands 3This allows for more complex conflicts to be addressed in the future. Next-gen consoles offer new gameplay mechanics and improved graphics.

There is much to love about the next Borderlands mainline game. However, it is difficult to forget about its villain. Although Borderlands 3 is a great game in terms of gameplay, the story has been heavily criticized by fans. The Calypso Twins are at the root of the problem, failing to live up to Handsome Jack’s legacy. This problem was so obvious in the previous game that it is difficult not to worry about history repeating in Borderlands4.

Why the Calypso Twins Did Not Have Handsome Jack on Par

Handsome Jack is loved for many reasons, from his complex character to his excellent performance. Although his story was complex, he still managed to show great sense humour. Although the Calypso Twins performed well, their story was lacking depth and attempts to make them humorous antagonists failed. They felt more like cartoons than their characters due to the streamer parody.

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the Calypsos and Handsome Jack is that Jack’s story feels complete. Fans can see Jack’s origins in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Jack’s AI also appears in Tales From The Borderlands, so Jack can get a more memorable sendoff. Their story is rushed and The Calypso Twins are not given enough time to shine. Two characters should get twice the screen time, but this is not the case. Instead, neither Calypso nor Troy feels fleshed out. Troy’s sudden death and Tyreen’s loss of significance come as a surprise.

Gearbox appears to be heavily teasing a split between the twins at the middle of Borderlands 3’s story. The power-hungry Troy is turning on his sister Tyreen. The two are still aligned throughout the story, so this does not occur. Although it would have been nice to see them split up, this does not happen. It is also difficult to get to know the Twins’ history because gamers don’t learn it until Troy has died, which makes it more difficult for gamers to connect with them. Yet another issue is seen with Maya’s controversial death, as the Calypso Twins replay what should have made a sad moment and try to make it into a joke. Fans were not pleased with this as it was the exact opposite of the way Roland’s death was handled in Borderlands 2.. Although Jack’s death was devastating, it didn’t make him as irritating in the aftermath as the Calypsos.

Borderlands 4 could also have a villain problem

It seems that the villain problem in Borderlands 3 was obvious and will continue to be an issue in future games. Jack is widely considered to be one of the most iconic video game antagonists. It seems impossible to match or surpass his influence. His appearances in three games meant that he had more time to grow than any other villain. Jack combines humour with intimidation in a way that is difficult to imagine another villain doing. Even if they did, they would always be compared to Jack and could be considered a poor imitation.

Borderlandsvillains are likely to always live in Jack’s shadow. This is a testimony to how well-managed that character was. It may be better for the franchise not to have a big bad. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is set in the titular character’s fantasy world, so the villain doesn’t matter. It seems that Borderlands will be more focused on finding Lilith rather than fighting a new foe. With The Watcher’s War also able to be explored, players could fight several mysterious Guardians as opposed to one main threat. It may not be the best idea to choose Jack as your main antagonist, since he is so difficult to beat. Borderlands 4 may not be as successful if Gearbox tries to duplicate the success of Jack.

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