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12 Minutes: How to Prove the Day is Restarting

12 Minutes: How to Prove the Day is Restarting

12 Minutes: How to Prove the Day is Restarting

12 minutesThis game has a very fitting title. The player plays the role of a husband in this time loop puzzle drama. He must save his wife from being killed by a cop. He does not have a week or a day.12 minutes.

This title is gaining popularity, and 12 Minutes even attracted the attention of Hideo Kojima. However, 12 minutes is not a lot of time, and some players find it frustrating that the game has a strict time limit.

It isn’t easy to convince others that the loop is occurring in any time loop story. 12 minutes is no exception. The loop is difficult to convince if the player tells the wife. The tools to convince her are readily available, thankfully.

The Evidence of The Repeating Day

This is a time-sensitive puzzle, and players should begin this part of the loop at the beginning. Players should immediately go to their bedroom and open the drawer before they start the conversation. They should not open the present and leave it wrapped.

Talk to your wife after you have grabbed the present. Tell her that the day keeps repeating. If she is sceptical, click on the “prove that the day is repeating” option to choose the present. The protagonist will respond by saying that he is certain the present contains baby clothes.

He will still be a mystery to her, even though she is not completely convinced. She will need another piece of evidence. The player should then click on a window in either the bedroom or kitchen. The protagonist will then predict the coming thunderstorm. She’ll be convinced once thunder strikes.

   What should you do next?

Once she is convinced that the day will repeat, she will be more open about her past. If the player presents 12 Minutes’ pocket watch, she’ll be less defensive and explain more about her past.

This information will be remembered because 12 Minutes’ protagonist is a good memory keeper. If the player wishes to convince her again in future loops, they don’t need to go through all the evidence. He’ll explain what he learned.

However, she shouldn’t be convinced of every solution. Some puzzles will require her to be a bit ignorant. Knowledge alone won’t save them both from the bloodthirsty 12 Minutes cop. There is still much to be solved.

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