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Why Resident Evil 4 Fans Shouldn’t Get Too Excited About the So-Called ‘Tease’

Why Resident Evil 4 Fans Shouldn't Get Too Excited About the So-Called 'Tease'

Why Resident Evil 4 Fans Shouldn’t Get Too Excited About the So-Called ‘Tease’

Capcom has just released resident Evil VillageFans are already anticipating what the future holds for the long-running survival horror franchise, which was launched a few months ago. Capcom ransomware has apparently confirmed that. Resident EvilSwitch game is in development. However, it seems that the beloved resident Evil 4Redesigns are also possible. None of these residents EvilAlthough projects have been confirmed as official, many fans believe that a tweet from recently is a tease of the leaked project. Resident Evil 4Remake

This tweet was sent by the Resident Evil Twitter page. It includes the text “4 itchy.” It’s delicious. The tweet sparked widespread speculation that Capcom was intentionally teasing a Resident Evil4 remake announcement. However, it seems that many fans are leaping to conclusions. Although it is almost certain that Resident Evil 4 is being developed, the Resident Evil Twitter tweet is not even close to being a tease.

The tweet is likely to be recognized by Resident Evil fanatics as it comes from one of the most famous notes in the franchise. The Resident Evil game’s notes are full of letters, notes, and documents that can be found in the game world. Players can then read them at their own pace. These notes provide background information about Resident Evil’s characters as well as filling in the gaps when it comes down to the story of each game.

This tweet refers to a note in the Resident Evil original game, The Keeper’s Diary. Keeper’s diary is one of the most iconic Resident Evil notes. It details the madness of Umbrella employees as they are infected by the T-Virus. As the diary goes on, it becomes more difficult to understand and more disturbing. The last page includes the number 4, and the words “Itchy.” It’s delicious.

After you have read the note, a zombie appears and attacks the player. This is easily one of the most terrifying Resident Evil moments, and it really stands out in the franchise. Therefore, it makes sense that the official Resident Evil Twitter would reference it. Although it isn’t clear what caused the official Resident Evil Twitter to stop quoting the Keeper’s Diary, it’s a memorable moment in Resident Evil’s history.

Resident Evil Conspiracy Theories

Although it is most likely that the tweet has nothing to do in relation to new Resident Evil games teases, there have been many conspiracy theories. Most people believe that the tweet refers to Resident Evil 4, and this led to many complaints about Capcom remaking Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

After Capcom posted this tweet, there seems to be a lot of Resident Evil 4 fans who want Code: Veronica remade. It’s clear that the tweet has almost no connection to the Resident Evil 4 remake. Instead, it is likely a reference to the Keeper’s Diary from Resident Evil 1. There’s no reason for Code: Veronica fan to be upset.

Twitter users also suggested that the tweet was meant to refer to Resident Evil Village DLC. Many fans believe that the number 4 in the tweet refers to four Resident Evil village DLC packs. However, it is possible that the “4” was there because of the Keeper’s Diary note. Fans shouldn’t be surprised if this tweet doesn’t have anything to do with Resident Evil Village DLC.

The Resident Evil Village DLC has been in development for a while. Capcom stated this at the Resident Evil anniversary party but did not provide any details about what DLC fans can expect. The Resident Evil Village DLC appears to be in its early stages. Fans may not learn much more about it, especially if there are rumors that a Resident Evil Switch title will be released this year.

This seemingly innocent tweet from the Resident Evil Twitter account has caused a lot of controversies. It is clear that fans want to know more about the franchise’s future. Capcom is likely to have more surprises and announcements in 2021, which will be the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil. Fans don’t need to spend too much time analyzing tweets like this.

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