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PlayStation Console Exclusive Sifu Confirmed for Gamescom

PlayStation Console Exclusive Sifu Confirmed for Gamescom

PlayStation Console Exclusive Sifu Confirmed for Gamescom

The martial arts action game has generated quite the buzzSifuSince its announcement earlier this year, it has been in the news every day. Fans of the game have been waiting for any additional information. Thankfully, more information is now available.

Official Twitter account @SifuGame claims that the PlayStation exclusive title will appear during Opening Night Live. It also mentions that Sloclap (the studio behind the game) still has some surprises to share “before summer is over.”

Sifu has made appearances at plenty of different gaming showcases after its initial February 2021 reveal, so it makes sense that it would be making another appearance during Gamescom. The tweet suggests that more information will be available about the game after Gamescom. There are only a few weeks left in the season so it looks like Opening Night Live is it. However, no official confirmation has been made.

Already, fans have begun to speculate about what kind of news may be in store for the viewers at the showcase. Sifu was initially announced to be releasing later this year, however, during Sony’s July State of Play, Sloclap announced that the game would be delayed into 2022. Many believe that Sloclap, despite the recent delay announcement, has set the game’s release date. He will announce it on Wednesday.

Although this may be speculation by fans, it is likely that there will be lots of Sifu’s gameplay displayed at the event. The State of Play showcased an interesting mechanic that allows the player to age after defeating in battle. This seems to be the heart of Sifu‘s game loop. There hasn’t been much information about how that mechanic works, so Sloclap will hopefully give some more details.

Opening Night Live provided very little information on Sifu, but fans might still be interested in seeing more of the game’s martial arts set-pieces until Sloclap announces its release date. The pre-release footage shows that the environment in which the fights are held will affect the moves available to players. This could be a selling point for the game.

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