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Destiny 2 Rumor Hints Most Popular Exotic is Returning

Destiny 2 Rumor Hints Most Popular Exotic is Returning

Destiny 2 Rumor Hints Most Popular Exotic is Returning

WithDestiny 2With Season 15 just a few days away, fans are eager to see new content and scrambling to find any information about possible changes to the game. Bungie has already confirmed that weapon and armor balances have been changed, and that Season of the Lost will see new abilities and exotics. New leaks suggest that additional content may be coming later this year. Destiny 2Wish leaker predicts the return of Gjallarhorn, an exotic weapon

Exotics in Destiny 2 are the linchpin of a player’s build, offering powerful and unusual perks that can facilitate unique playstyles and synergize with subclass skills in interesting ways. Gjallahorn, an exotic rocket launcher with the special perk “Wolfpack Rounds”, causes a cluster smaller, tracking missiles be produced after the initial rocket explodes. This perk can inflict massive damage and allows the weapaons to eliminate large groups of weaker enemies. It also causes high single-target damage to bosses and enemies at high levels. This weapon was a staple of the original Destiny and made it one of the most powerful exotics in the game.

This powerhouse’s return has been celebrated by Wish, a well-known Destinyleaker. Wish simply tweeted “Destiny 2 Content Leak Gjallarhorn Dec 22nd,” and added the secondary comment “Or Christmas weekend ***,”.” Wish has recently posted a similar tweet with information regarding a Halo and Destiny 2 crossover event for Bungie’s 30th anniversary, suggesting that major Halo-related content could be hitting the game soon. Wish’s tweet, like all leaks should be taken with caution, particularly considering the lack of context and sources.

It will be fascinating to see how Gjallarhorn integrates with the Destiny 2 exotics meta if it makes a comeback. The weapon was so powerful in Year 1 of Destiny that it was considered to be one of the greatest weapons in the game’s history. Many LFG (Looking for Groups) posts at this time would have “Gjallarhorn required” as a note for joining players. Anyone without the weapon will be kicked out of the party. Bungie could reintroduce the weapon, but considering the Destiny2‘s sandbox, it is possible the weapon might not be as dominant as it was.

The Wish leak follows the confirmation of Destiny 2’s notepad leaks and advertisment leaks. Season 15’s content was officially revealed by Bungie. This certainly lends credence for tweets. Bungie has a tendency to use original Destinycontent in Seasonal updates. Some players are unhappy about the reuse of old quests and exotics while others praise the benefits of bringing back favorite items. While the topic is controversial, Destiny2fans should be satisfied by the additional content in Season of the Lost and the promise of The Witch Queen, a new trailer, which will be available in 2022.

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