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Big Franchises That Deserve a LEGO Video Game

Big Franchises That Deserve a LEGO Video Game

Big Franchises That Deserve a LEGO Video Game

Since the initial release logo, Star Wars video game 2005, LEGO It has seen a steady stream of entry into the gaming industry. Some likeLEGO City UndercoverAlthough these games are entirely original, they draw their inspiration from well-known franchises and provide a delightful twist to each series’ formula. These games are a huge hit with both younger and older gamers due to their mix of puzzle-solving and co-op gameplay.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Sagaset is the next entry in the long-running cash cow. This gives Star Wars and LEGO fans something to look forward to. There are still many popular IPs that have not yet been given the LEGO videogame treatment. There are still some notable series that deserve LEGO video games, besides Indiana Jones and Harry Potter. A number of franchises, from supernatural ghost hunting to reptilian fighter artists, would work well with the LEGO universe pieces.


The LEGO treatment began in 1980 with the blockbuster movie Ghostbusters. While a LEGO video game could potentially use the films or cartoon series as inspiration for its events, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to craft an original storyline either. Travelers Tales’ developers could use the creativity found in LEGP products to create new Ghostbusters and creature designs. You could take the LEGO concept further and have players mix and match pieces to create new Ghostbuster gear and customize the Ecto-1 car.

Black Men

A Men in a Black video game that combines all the charm of LEGO and three blockbuster films seems like it would be a match made in Heaven. LEGO has already adopted the humor and bizarre scenarios of the series in its video games. It would be an enjoyable experience to see the set pieces come together with the same charm as LEGO video games.


It’s easy to make a Transformers game using LEGO design, as both franchises share a similar idea. You can use LEGO blocks to shape and morph into new objects. The many Autobots, Decepticons and Transformers can also transform using shifting parts and pieces. Like the Ghostbusters, players can create new Transformers designs with parts they collect throughout the game. This encourages creativity that is often associated with LEGO. For inspiration, you could look to the 1980s cartoon or the CGI version of Beast Wars. You might even find something funny in the sometimes serious Michael Bay movies that are satirically poked with LEGO charm.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

James BondAlthough the franchise is the oldest, it’s still worthy of a LEGO video game. It’s difficult to choose the right inspiration, considering there are many eras and styles since 1962’s first Sean Connery film. All of them, that’s the simple answer. Each Bond series and actor brought something different to the table. This could be the funnier Roger Moore era or the stylish Pierce Brosnan interpretation. The films would have completed half the conceptualization work, and there were many memorable set pieces to draw on. You can find them here. There’s No Time to Die finally out and project 007Travellers Tales should jump on the Bond brand, which is currently in development.LEGOformula

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